February, 2016


Self growth improvement

  In our fast environment we cannot have time to track our self growth and people trying to live in their safe zone. To achieve self growth first we should have a clear idea on high and low in us. With regard to the highs and lows we should plan for the need to improve area, and apart from that go ahead and try to use below scenarios to achieve same. 1. Read everyday 2. Learn a new thing (eg: a language) 3. Level up your skills 4. Learn aRead More

Few Quotes of Famous People

Quotes of Famous people

Inspirational Quotes of Famous people Here are a few quotes of Famous people who succeed in their respective fields. They experienced high determination and hard work to make their success. Attitude, “Keep your face to sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.” – Helen Heller “Aperson who never made a mistake never tried anything new”. – Albert Einstein “If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good”. – Bill Gates “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders”. – Tom Peters “A day without laughter is aRead More

Comparison between AVCHD and MP4 video formats


What is the difference between MP4 and AVCHD? We all know that AVCHD and MP4 are two video formats capable of recording HD videos. Let’s have a closer look on what exactly these formats are..   AVCHD The expansion for AVCHD is Advanced Video Coding High Definition. AVCHD format is developed by Sony and Panasonic collectively designed for HD Camcorders. The main reason behind the AVCHD innovation is to record and playback videos in HD format. AVCHD format can be used to record videos in 720p, 1080i, 1080p or higher resolution.Read More

IMDB top 10 Movies of All time

top 10 Movies of All time

All time top 10 movies based on IMDB ratings We need to consider a lot of facts to say a movie is good or bad. Moreover, few facts changes according to the interest of different people. The below list is based on the rating in the Amazon company IMDB. Rating has been given by several lakhs of people.

Can’t play video error message in Android phone

Can't play video error

Video playback shows Can’t play video error Can’t play video error message may display when you try to play a video saved in your android phone. It is also noted that the “Can’t play video” error message display when playing video directly from gallery, or whatsapp or any other locations. Solution 1: Can’t play video Restart the android device and check whether the issue is not resolved. Solution 2: Can’t play video Uninstall the google+ update from the android device/mobile phone. You can follow the below steps to uninstall theRead More