November, 2016


11 Top Online Scams

Top online scams

Top Online Scams The term SCAM in the online world has been loosely translated. By definition, a scam is a quick-profit scheme where a person cheats another individual or group out of money by presenting them with false information during a deal or offer.There are many different types of scams that prey on unsuspecting victims. Scammers can approach their victims via email, SMS, and sometimes even a phone to your personal cell number. One example of this is the lottery scam. In this scheme, a person receives news via phoneRead More

What is Amblyopia Treatment

Amblyopia Treatment

Amblyopia Treatment Amblyopia is decreased vision in one or both eyes due to abnormal development of vision in infancy or childhood. Amblyopia may not be an obvious problem of the eye. Vision loss occurs because nerve pathways between the brain and the eye aren’t properly stimulated. The brain “learns” to see only blurry images with the amblyopic eye even when glasses are used. As a result, the brain favors one eye, usually due to poor vision in the other eye. Another word for amblyopia is often “lazy eye.” It isRead More

What is Black Friday

What is Black Friday

Black Friday Black Friday is one the biggest shopping days of the year in the United States – and it has become increasingly popular since the concept spread to Britain around four years ago. The Black Friday frenzy is a boost for retailers such as Amazon, who are hosting a two-week sales event this year, Black Friday but it also means chaos in stores and supermarkets on the Black Friday on 25 November. What is Black Friday  The Black Friday After Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This alsoRead More

Benefits of Skipping Dinner


How to Lose Weight by Skipping Dinner To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than your body needs, and skipping meals such as dinner may seem like an easy way to cut calories. It can backfire, however, if it leaves you too hungry or eating too few calories. Before starting your meal-skipping diet, consult a doctor or a registered dietitian for guidance. Skipping Dinner Helps With Weight Loss No matter what strategy you use drop unwanted pounds, the key is to create a negative calorie balance. Given thatRead More



Microsoft Issues Surface Book They’re doing it again: Surface Book owners can look forward to a new set of firmware updates in Windows Update today. Microsoft surface book updates But there’s no explanation about what’s being fixed. Microsoft is doing this a lot lately. For example, the last set of Surface Book firmware updates were delivered to customers sans-explanation on October 28. MICROSOFT SURFACE BOOK UPDATES Year ago, Microsoft set out to prove to the world that a Windows laptop could hang with the best MacBooks from Apple. The SurfaceRead More

Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Review

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Animal Crossing New Leaf isn’t just a game it’s a whole new world jull of lovable characters and insuremountable charm. The main idea behind any Animal Crossing New Leaf game is that players move into a new town and spend their days building up relationships with villagers, harvesting fruit, fishing, catching bugs, decorating their house, and tackling the almost innumerable other activities that comprise one’s Animal Crossing life. Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Amiibo Animal Crossing New Leaf received a large update this morning, Nov. 2, introducingRead More

Importance of drinking water

importance of drinking water

Importance of drinking water in human body. Water is the main component of the human body. The amount of water you consume everyday plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Experts recommend drinking eight to 10 glasses of water each day to maintain good health. Around 70 percent of the body is comprised of water, and around 71 percent of the planet’s surface is covered by water. Health benefits of drinking water. Relieves Fatigue: There is a high chance that it could be due to inadequate consumption ofRead More

Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy Narrow band blue light phototherapy is well known as a method of reducing jaundice in newborn babies. Now it is seen also as having a promising role in treating mild to moderate acne but from a medical and scientific viewpoint, blue light therapy remains an understudied, investigational acne treatment, ie – more research is required to demonstrate it has a proven safety track record and identify its long-term effects. Blue light therapy involves directly exposing the entire skin area affected by acne to either a continuous orRead More

Quick Switch Adapter in Google Pixel

Google will walk you through switching from an iPhone to a Pixel Google is deadly serious about its new Pixel smartphones being able to take on the iPhone in every respect possible. And in a move that also mirrors Apple’s own past efforts, the company is now providing instructions for anyone looking to switch from their current iPhone to a brand-new Pixel. Google’s instructions involve connecting an iPhone or iPad running at least iOS 8 to the new Pixel using Google’s Quick Switch Adapter. The search company advises that youRead More