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32 Core CPU’s from Intel

32 Core CPU’s from Intel

32 Core Processor CPU’s from Intel and AMD

Today if the user is using a processor with a single core then it’s considered outdated because now it’s not the time to use it. And if you are a professional and are still using a quad core processor then that is also not suitable for you. Now days the basic laptops are also equipped with four core processors, which make the working easier for its users.

32 Core CPU’s from Intel

This is the new 32 core processor CPU which is here to imporve the experience of multitasking operations and improved processing power for uer now. AMD and intel both are trying to put more and more cores on a single CPU. 32 cores would sound too much at first glance bit in real it’s not that big as you would be imaging it.

Intel core

Intel core is Intel’s brand name for various mid-range to high-end home and business microprocessors. These processors displaced the existing mid-to-high end Pentium processors of the time, moving the Pentium to the entry level, and bumping the Celeron series of processors to low end.

Upcomming AMDx86 Processor

  • Using a 14 nm FinFET processor technology

  • Expected to bring a 40% improvement for instrustions per clock compared to current generation AMD processors

  • Up to 32 physical core + symmetrical multi threding

  • Support for DDR4 (8 channels)

  • Support for pcle gen 3.0

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