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Android Nougat All the New and Hidden Features

Android Nougat Features

Android Nougat Features

Android Nougat is here and it’s a thing of beauty. It may not have the same dramatic visual overhaul we were first treated to in Android Lollipop two versions ago, but Nougat provides a lot of major improvements and refinements over Marshmallow, along with quite a few nice new usability changes.

Android Nougat Features
Android Nougat Features

Nougat in a nutshell

  • Harder

  • Better

  • Faster

  • Data Saver

  • Stronger

  • Performance

  • Privacy & Security

                           There are some new visual features to be sure, with a redesigned Settings menu and notifications area. But there’s also a lot more enhanced functionality and exciting background stuff going on in Nougat than you see on the surface.

  1. Split-screen mode

    This is the probably the biggest new feature of Android N. Split-screen was among the most requested features from seasoned Android users, and Google is finally adding it to the OS. Split-screen works in both portrait and landscape mode, with the two ‘windows’ only being resizable in portrait mode.

  2. Recent Apps button

    Google has also greatly improved the functionality of the recent apps button in Android N that will make it a boon for heavy multi-taskers. between two apps that you are using by quickly double pressing the recent apps button

  3. Quick switching apps is the best

    Simply double tap the app overview button and you’ll switch between your two most recent apps in your secondary window. The presence of the quick switching action possibly my favorite Nougat feature of all thus means you can triple task in multi window mode.

  4. Picture-in-picture

    Taking a cue out of Apple’s book, Google has also introduced a new picture-in-picture mode in Android N. Picture-in-picture brings that same functionality to a system level, though this feature is currently missing from the first developer preview of Android N.

  5. Direct Boot

    Direct Boot in Android Nougat aims to take that limbo stage between booting up and decrypting your device and make it a little more useful. Direct Boot means you’ll still be able to receive incoming calls, get notifications, hear alarms and see new emails while your private information remains secure.

  6. Revamped notifications

    This is probably one of the biggest updates coming in Android N. With Android N, Google is giving one of the strongest parts of Android the notification shade a major revamp. At first glance, this might seem a bit overwhelming, but I think this new design makes better use of the high-resolution screen found on most Android devices.

  7. Camera shortcuts

    The update to the Google Camera that comes with Nougat on Nexus devices also adds a new twist gesture to switch between front and back cameras. Fortunately, the outstandingly handy power button shortcut returns, so all you need to do to instantly launch the camera is double press the power button.

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