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Apple rolls out Watch OS 2

Watch OS2 Update

Watch OS 2 Update from Apple Released

Following the OS update from Apple, Mac team planning to deliver the OS update for watch.

The big watchOS 2 update for the Apple Watch was supposed to come out on September 16 but was delayed due to a major bug – however it looks like you can download it now. Apple doesn’t want to reveal the exact bug and trying to resolve same soon.


But to attain latest update in watch prior your iPhone should be in iOS 9. It may not be the replacement of the old version OS but also have some important features to equipped with.

Watch OS 2 update

The new features added with the Apple Watch OS 2 update are,

  • More faces give a new look to your Watch
  • Watch face is easy to format with new Watch OS 2 update
  • Nightstand mode feature
  • Watch OS 2 Update improves the performance
  • You can now make purchases with your Discover card or store credit cards with the Watch OS 2 Update
  • Includes Activation lock to improve security.
  • It¬†gives up a wide range of APIs that allow you to access the unique features and innovations of Applie Watch.

How to install Watch OS 2 update

The Apple OS 2 Update process is easy. However, it may take some time to finish the installation. You can follow the below steps to install the update.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app and tap on General.
  2. Select Software Update from the list. It should be the second option.

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