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Apple Watch and Important Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 2 launched on September 16, 2016 with GPS, 50-meter water resistance with swimming support, a brighter display, and a faster processor.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a smart watch that connects to your iPhone to deliver notifications and run apps. You may also know this as the iWatch or an iPhone watch, depending who you talk to about it. Here are 29 of the most exciting things you can do with the Apple Watch with watchOS 3.0. The Apple Watch can do more than it could when Apple announced it two years ago and if you are just getting your hands on the Apple Watch this is what you need to know about features and apps.

Important Apple Watch Features

  1. Apple Pay – iPhone 6 owners can already make payments in hundreds of thousands of stores that accept contact less payment, and the Apple Watch brings this handy function to those on iPhone 5 and later, too. On the NFC-enabled wearable, all you have to do is double-click the button next to the dial on the edge and hold the watch face close to the payment terminal or reader. You’ll hear a beep and feel “a gentle pulse,” confirming that your payment was made.

  2. Hotel or Car Key Replacement – At its Spring Forward event, Apple showed off a whole bunch of apps, including Star wood Hotels’s preferred Guests app. This program not only lets you see your reservation information, it also lets you turn your Apple Watch into a room key so you can open your door with a tap of your watch.

  3. Novel Digital Crown – Smartwatches these days can be hard to use because of their tiny displays, but the Apple Watch will have a cool tool that makes navigating the small screen easier. The Digital Crown is a knob on the watch’s right edge that acts like a home button. Pressing it returns you to the main screen, and turning it lets you zoom into apps or scroll through options in the interface.

  4. Fitness and Health Tracking – Not only will the Apple Watch pack a heart rate sensor on its underside, it will also feature a robust set of apps to help you keep track of your well-being. The Activity app collects data on all your movement in the day — whether it be standing, moving or running — and prompts you to get up when you’ve been sitting still too long. You can also set goals and the app shows your progress on rings that fill up as you approach your targets. The Apple Watch even gives you badges in reward for achieving your goals.

  5. Full-fledged Apps – Unlike on Android Wear devices or some other smartwatch platforms, the Apple Watch will support full-fledged apps. While these won’t be ready until “later in the year,” Apple has said that developers will be able to create fully native apps for the timepiece, meaning you might not need to be tied to an iPhone to use those programs. In the meantime, however, Apple Watch apps are extensions of iPhone apps.

  6. Actionable Notifications and Glances – In addition to apps, the Apple Watch will deliver alerts in the forms of Actionable Notifications and Glances. As its name suggests, Glances refer to simple, read-only notifications that don’t need any other action. This can be reminders for upcoming events or a weather update. Taping a glance will launch the app for more functions.

  7. Remote Control Functions – You may never have to leave your couch again, with the Apple Watch doubling as a remote control for your devices. Skip through music on your iPhone or iTunes music library, navigate your Apple TV menu, enable Do Not Disturb and Airplane modes on your phone or turn on/off the smart lights in your home — all from your wrist. Apple’s Kevin Lynch also showed at the event how you can use the smartwatch to not only remotely unlock your door, but through a connected camera, see who enters your home as well.

  8. Passbook Integration – Breeze through airport security on your next vacation. Thanks to Passbook on the Apple Watch, you can quickly pull up your plane tickets, boarding passes and loyalty cards without having to reach for your phone. When you enter a place where your discount or loyalty cards can be used, the app will also an alert.

  9. Digital Touch Communication – Keeping up with your loved ones will be more fun with the Apple Watch’s Digital Touch feature. Draw a smiley face or heart shape on the watch face and send it to a friend, or simply send your heartbeat. The heart rate sensor will pick up your pulse, and transmit that to your pal. The receiving device will buzz in time with your pulse. A walkie-talkie feature lets you share sound bites, while Tap sends silent, gentle vibrations to your contacts in the patterns you tap on the display.

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