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Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016

Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016

Five Best Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016

Facebook becomes most popular social networking site within few years. Facebook play a big role to keep in touch with our friends and relatives. We can communicates with people which are far from us.

Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016
Facebook Tips And Tricks 2016

Create Single Name Account On Facebook

Facebook do not allow to make single name account. Don’t here we will provide amazing facebook trick about make single name. By adding proxy to our browser manually and change our language to Indonesia we can create single name Facebook account. If you want to know step by step procedure then.

Invite Friends To Like Facebook Page

This is really amazing in all Facebook tricks for user who manage pages. If you want to invite your friends to your page one by one it is a time consuming task. We provide you an amazing trick to invite all the Facebook friends to your page in a single click by running a script. If you want to know more details and procedure must read our post.

Block Facebook Games and Apps Requests

If you suffer from Apps and games invitations then this trick is really for you. Facebook provide options for blocking that game or apps. You can also block a particular person or app. For more details.

Disable Seen Option From Facebook Chatting

It is possible to remove seen option from your chat although Facebook do not provide options for it. This option allow your friends to see whether message send by them is seen by you or not. This is done by adding some extensions to your browser.

Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

You can delete all the Facebook messages at once by using our amazing trick. Facebook do not provide as such options. You can do it by adding some extension to your browser. If you want to know more about it then read our post.

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