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Comcast Cable Expandary to New Cities By 2017

Comcast Cable

Comcast Cable

Comcast cable eyed gigabit internet a couple years ago, vowing to upgrade its existing network technology to handle a tier of internet that is slowly reaching major markets within the United States. By early 2017, Comcast will have its gigabit internet service available in 15 cities metropolitan areas. Comcast cable is launching an internet service Wednesday that will deliver gigabit speeds throughout the Chicago area over its existing network.

Comcast Cable
Comcast Cable

Wireless Service

Through the Xfinity branch of Comcast, residents in certain cities will have access to either a fiber-based gigabit internet service which has symmetrical download upload speeds or a version of gigabit that is offered through the company’s existing cable network. Almost five years ago, Comcast Cable president Neil Smit hailed a deal with Verizon that would “enable us to execute a comprehensive, long-term wireless strategy.” He wasn’t kidding about the long-term part.

Cable Franchise

Comcast of New Mexico has notified the City stating its intent to seek renewal of its franchise and enter into an informal renewal process, per federal law, which involves among other tasks identifying the City’s cable related needs and evaluating Comcast’s performance under the existing franchise ordinance. While the upgrades are beginning in major metro areas, Comcast has said it plans to install DOCSIS 3.1 throughout its 39-state US territory by 2018.

Gigabit speed

Chicago is the third market to get the modem-enabled gigabit internet service, with Detroit and Miami next in line. The price for gigabit service in Chicago will be $139.95 per month, with promotional plans being tested during a trial period, Segal said. So Xfinity and Comcast Business Internet customers can simply sign up for a plan and plug in a new modem; no fiber installation required

Areas Regulated by Ordinance

  1. Cable Signal Quality

  2. Response to Customer Complaints

  3. Billing Practices

  4. Reasonable quality of services overall in light of community’s needs

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