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Devialet Phantom Speaker

Devialet Phantom Speaker

Features Of Devialet Phantom Speaker

Phantom is the revolutionary wireless speaker developed by niche French audio firm Devialet. Phantom emits the best sound in the world, with a unique physical impact. With no distortion, even at high volume, no saturation, no background noise, up to 3,000 Watts.

Devialet Phantom Speaker
Devialet Phantom Speaker


The Devialet Phantom wireless speaker gives you the sound experience of top high-end systems for listening to the music on your iPhone or iPad yet in an ultra compact and powerful unit. Fusing analogue and digital technologies, Phantom delivers peak sound performance, with no saturation, no distortion, and no background noise, up to 750 Watts.


Both Phantom and its more powerful Silver Phantom sibling are decidedly biomorphic in design, that is they look like an organism, but not anything of this world. On the outside Phantom looks like a shiny plastic, modern art kidney bean.


Plug and play set-up via new high-end Bluetooth technology. Potential to connect two to twenty four Phantoms via Wi-Fi to create hi-fi, cinema, or multi-room listening experiences. Reproduces music from 16Hz to 25kHz, even ultra deep basses, going beyond the audible spectrum to the point where you feel rather than hear it.


Phantom boots up automatically when connected to power, the two hemispherical aluminum domes pulse in and out twice, signaling the speaker is ready for use. There is no on/off switch, or any other audio-related physical controls for that matter, which means power cycling is automated. Opening the free Spark app or connecting via Bluetooth takes the speaker out of its resting state.

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