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Dynamic Airways Plane Caught Fire On Runway

Plane Caught Fire on take off

A Dynamic Airways plane caught fire at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Around 15 people injured and one of them has severe injury.

Plane caught fire in Florida
Fort Lauderdale Dynamic Airways Plane Fire

               Dynamic airlines that connects Fort Lauderdale, Newyork, Venequela and Guyana started 5 years back operates seven 767s. The fire was started around 12:00 PM Thursday. Around 12 people were injured in the accident and one of them got injured severely. There was 101 passengers inside when the plane caught fire. 

               NTSB team recovered the black box and started investigation. Dynamic 767 – 200 ER was built in 1986 and only seven out of 65 built are on service right now. The 29 year aircraft was leaking fuel before its departure

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