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Faraday Future

Faraday Future

What is Faraday Future

Faraday Future is a Chinese backed, American start-up technology company focused on the development of intelligent electric vehicles. Faraday’s Law is in turn named after English scientist Michael Faraday who discovered electromagnetic induction.

Faraday Future
Faraday Future

We are Faraday Future

We are beginning to get a clearer picture of what Faraday Future, the secretive electric car company, has up its sleeve. While the startup is still in stealth mode, it has recently started sharing select details about its future plans and has made some pretty interesting revelations.

Faraday Future Finally Made Something

Hopeful electric-autonomous automaker Faraday Future has patented its very own electric vehicle power inverter, which is pretty impressive considering the company has had a really hard time lately getting just about anything done. The new patent for an in-house designed power inverter from Faraday Future comes as sort of a surprise, considering just last week we heard that the company’s battery engineer reportedly quit and took all of the company’s battery technology with him. The power innverter in an electric car is used to “convert” the direct current, or DC power provided by the battery pack into an alternating current, or AC power, which then drives the electric motors that propel the vehicle.

Faraday Future’s Chinese Backers

British luxury automaker Aston Martin just signed a deal to develop its first electric Aston with Letv, the Chinese company that finances electric automaker startup Faraday Future. We’ve known for a while that China is really interested in an electric version of the gorgeous Rapide, and who can blame them So, despite claims that Aston would forever stay true to the ways of the V12, which they still are, the automaker has turned to Letv for a business venture to supply batteries and transmission materials to accelerate development an all electric Rapide.

The new venture partner, Letv is a major technology and media brand in China founded by Chinese billionaire Jai Yueting, who also happens to be the major financier to Faraday Future another automaker with plans for introducing fully electric and likely-autonomous vehicles to both the Chinese and American markets.

Faraday Future FFZERO1

Among the long list of possibilities, though, we never predicted something as radical as the Faraday Future FFZERO1 concept, a fully electric, single-seat supercar with no doors. The California startup teases that “if developed for limited production,” the FFZERO1 will be good for more than 1000 horsepower, a top speed of more than 200 mph, and a zero-to-60 time of less than three seconds. An event where no one remembers the grand claims made just 12 months earlier, the FFZERO1 reminds us of concept cars from another era, when show cars were fully divorced from production realities.

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