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Features of Google Now

Features of Google Now

All about Google Now

Apple has Siri and Microsoft offers Cortana. Unlike Siri and Cortana, Google Now isn’t platform-specific; the app works on both Android and iOS devices, though its hardware-controlling capabilities are limited on iOS.

Features of Google Now
Features of Google Now

But more than that Google Now is a virtual assistant that shows relevant and timely information to you once it learns more about you and how you use the phone.

Note: The app lets you quickly search the web and perform a variety of tasks — such as scheduling events and alarms, adjusting your device’s volume and posting to social media — using natural-sounding voice commands.

6 Tips & Tricks To Get The Most Out of Google Now – Feature of Google Now

  1. Commute Sharing

  2. Gmail Cards & Reservations

  3. Use Google Now Research Topics

  4. Say ‘Google’ to enable voice speech

  5. Personal Search For Photos

  6. Google Now TV Cards

Google Now to help make your life convenient.

  1. Railway PNR

  2. Reminders

  3. Reach on Time

  4. Sports

  5. Trends

  6. News stories

  7. Cards based on apps and websites

  8. Stocks

  9. Tracks your toes

Top 9 Awesome Features of Google Now

  1. Keep Your Commute Simple

  2. Travel Without Stress

  3. See How Far You’ve Walked (or Biked)

  4. Go Shopping, Online and In-Store

  5. Stay Up to Date on Movies, Books, and TV Shows

  6. Access Tickets for Upcoming Events

  7. Keep Up With Your Favorite Web Sites and News

  8. Get Reminders Anytime, Anywhere

  9. Ask Your Phone Anything

Google Now is growing – Extra Features of Google Now

  1. The ultimate guide to Google Now cards

  2. Google Now on Tap offers in-app translation, QR code scanning and more

  3. Google reportedly working on Amazon Echo competitor dubbed ‘Chirp’

  4. Google pushes visual tweaks to mobile Search and Google Now

  5. Google ‘Now on Tap’ will bring lots of new help to Android M

  6. Google Now gets integration with 70 more third-party apps

  7. Google Now finally allows voice commands to ‘Send a Hangouts Message’

  8. How to get weather information without downloading an app

  9. Google Now rolls out Police Alert cards

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