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Google’s New Family Library

Google's New Family Library

Features Of Google’s New Family Library

Google is making it easier and cheaper to share with family members. By this you can now share purchased apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books. So, with up to six family members across Android, iOS, and the web. The offer has been rumoured for months, and it’s now available to everyone with a Google Play account.

Google's New Family Library
Google’s New Family Library

Contents can be shared across not only Android devices but also Google’s websites and the Google Play apps on iOS, though Android apps will still only work on Android devices and, soon, Chromebooks. Keep in mind Google announced last December a different sharing program for Google Play Music.

For those who aren’t familiar, Family Library will be a way for trusted family members to share Play Store purchases among one another. When it comes to video purchases, for instance, we can tell that you will be restricted to streaming the same title on only one device at a time.

Moreover, it appears there will be a restriction on the total streams coming from the same library across multiple devices. Google isn’t including music sharing as part of the deal, likely because the company is still pushing its standalone streaming service. So, for now, you can pay $15 for a Google Play Music family plan, or spend the same amount on a competing service like Spotify or Apple Music.

Importantly, developers can decide whether or not purchases prior to July 2nd can be shared among families. Unlike purchases after July 2nd, developers must opt in for older purchases to go into the library. Here’s the full text from the support site.

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