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Consequences Of Smartphone Addiction

Consequences Of Smartphone Addiction

Five Consequences Of Smartphone Addiction

Consequences of smartphone addiction is a dependence syndrome seen among certain mobile phone users. Over use of mobile phones can affect social and psychological well-being and health.

Consequences Of Smartphone Addiction
Consequences Of Smartphone Addiction

Include preoccupation with mobile communication, excessive money or time spent on mobile phones, use of mobile phones in socially or physically inappropriate situations such as driving an automobile. Increased use can also lead to increased time on mobile communication, adverse effects on relationships, and anxiety if separated from a mobile phone or sufficient signal.

  • Cancer, specifically brain cancer, and its correlation with phone use, is an ongoing investigation. There are many variables that affect the likelihood of hosting cancerous cells which include how long and how frequently people use their phones.

  • Studies show that users often associate using a mobile phone with headaches, impaired memory and concentration, fatigue, dizziness and disturbed sleep.

  • There are concerns that some mobile phone users incur considerable debt, and that mobile phones are being used to violate privacy and harass others.

  • There is an enormous impact of the mobile phone on contemporary society from a social scientific perspective.

  • There has been a long held discussion about cell phones and exposure to radiation. Recently, researchers discovered that people who use cell phones for a mere half an hour every day for ten years double their risk for brain cancer.

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