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Google Home Mini Review

Google Home Mini

The new Google Home Mini sounds better and looks better than the Amazon echo dot. The Google Home Mini is a serious contender to the Amazon Echo Dot,
and Google may just have the retail giant’s small-size smart speaker beat when it comes to audio quality. But its available in affordable price point and stylish design.

On October 4th launched Google Pixel2,Pixel2 XL and Google Home Mini, but most of them focused on the great phones.
And surprisingly the Google Home Mini costs about $49, cheapest among the three.

The cutest design of the Google Home Mini is a stylish one, and as is the trend with the current crop of smart speakers it’s come mostly covered in a soft-touch mesh material.
Home Mini isn’t covered in material, rather it’s a plastic base which features a Micro USB port for the power cord and a physical button to mute the microphone if you don’t want it listening in at certain moments.

We can control the Google Home Mini without even touching the device. The prompt you need is “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” and the smart speaker will spring to life.
When it comes to audio, the Google Home Mini boasts a 360 degree speaker which is tuned for voice rather than music. It means that the Assistant’s voice is crisp and clear when it talks to you, but music playback is also possible.

The Good:
The Google Home Mini is a stylish-looking speaker with surprisingly strong sound quality for its size.
The Google Assistant is a capable Alexa competitor, especially thanks to its ability to search out detailed answers to a wide variety of questions.

The Bad:
There isn’t much the Home Mini does that Alexa can’t do, too.
It also lacks a line-out jack, and requires Chromecast Audio in order to connect with at external speaker setup.


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