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Google New AdWords Features

Google Adwords New Features

As we know that Google is continuously working on AdWords to maximize the the performance. Google new Adwords features give more exposure to people to focus more on better conversions.

Google Adwords New Features

The areas where changes happened the most are Extensions, Call Bid Adjustments and Landing Pages. The added features can provide up to 20 % decrease in loading time for results. These new changes help the searcher to find the required information in faster way as well as the advertiser get more options to customize his business goals.


Extensions help to promote link, location, phone number, promotion etc. Publishers hope that the new layout will definitely give a positive edge for their business.

Call Bid Adjustment

The Call Bid Adjustment allow the Advertiser to control the call option enabling option limits to reduce the overall bidding price.

Landing Page Insight

The publisher can evaluate the landing page experience and performance with the new update.

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