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HBO Go And Netflix Apple TV And Apple TV apps Integration

HBO Go for Apple TV And Apple app integration

HBO Go for Apple TV And Apple App integration

HBO Go and Netflix have been noticeably absent from Apple TV’s TV app and its single sign-on feature, but today HBO is getting on board with both. The HBO Go app for TV OS and iOS has been updated so you can use your stored cable login to access content without having to enter your username and password yet again.

HBO Go for Apple TV And Apple app integration
HBO Go for Apple TV And Apple app integration

Single sign-on compatibility means that HBO Go can automatically grant access if a person has already authenticated with a provider.

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Here we go and analyze some interesting facts on this topic.

1. Apple’s TV app embraces the future of video but needs more services

If Apple could get more must-have apps and providers to, uh, sign on themselves, the Apple TV box really would make the bewildering world of app-based, internet-delivered TV a lot easier to use and understand — and differentiate itself from the Rokus and Amazon Fire TVs of the world. Until that happens, however, you’re still stuck doing the grunt work yourself.

2. Apple’s new TV app shows how painfully behind it is

Apple TV

Apple’s latest attempt to crack digital TV arrived Monday in the form of a name change most consumers might not even notice. It’s simply called TV, and the new app replaced Apple’s Videos app with the release of iOS 10.2. Apple TV can now skip the “app middleman” to send you directly to the individual shows and movies you want to watch.

Now it just needs more middlemen to skip. It’s a neat addition for the iPhone and iPad, but it’s designed to shine on the Apple TV, where the app is supposed to hijack the interfaces and libraries of nearly every content provider available to offer a central location for all your TV needs.

3. Netflix found a way to play ball with Apple but still keep its key data a secret

We explained why Netflix had no interest in being involved with Apple’s new TV app at launch, and at the time it seemed unlikely that the company would ever be onboard with the TV app. Well, the good news for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users is that Netflix has had a change of heart and has made its content accessible in the TV app.

4. Apple’s new TV app has gone huge problem

The Along with a batch of flashy new emojis, the latest iOS update from Apple comes with the addition of its latest native app, “TV,” which was unveiled during the big MacBook Pro event back in October, and hyped as a hub that would consolidate all the content you like to stream across different apps and devices in one centralized location.

5. Netflix still doesn’t really work with Apple’s new TV app

Netflix was a major missing piece of Apple’s new TV app when it launched last month, and that’s still the case despite some confusing coverage recently. The confusion is around how Apple’s TV app works with search and opening video apps. Apple makes the experience seamless so it feels like using one app but you have the familiar controls of the Hulu app.

HBO, Hulu, and a lot of paid video apps do work with Apple’s TV app, but Netflix is not one of them yet. Hopefully Netflix and Apple work this out soon which should make the TV app more useful for users, but for now the TV app is just benefiting from search features that already existed.

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