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How To Beat Procrastination

How To Beat Procrastination

Five Things To Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is a form of laziness which give a tendency to flow backward in our living life. To have a good chance of conquering procrastination, you need to spot straight away that you’re doing it. Then, you need to identify why you’re doing it and take appropriate steps to overcome the block. Perfectionism and fear of failure are at the root of some procrastination. To beat this kind, science suggests you start by listening to your inner monologue and flagging any less than productive thinking. How to beat procrastination is a question mark in our life. Here are a few tips for beating procrastination.

How To Beat Procrastination
How To Beat Procrastination

Make yourself accountable

You can do this with people around you or even with your motivation buddy above. A great way is to announce your change publicly and be vocal about it. Hit the social networks, your blog, write letters, whatever it takes to make yourself more accountable to getting work done.

Why You’re Procrastinating

This can depend on both you and the task. But it’s important to understand which of the two is relevant in a given situation, so that you can select the best approach for overcoming your reluctance to get going. One reason is that people find a particular job unpleasant, and try to avoid it because of that. Most jobs have unpleasant or boring aspects to them, and often the best way of dealing with these is to get them over and done with quickly, so that you can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of the job.

Create something everyday

No matter what it is. Artwork, photos, videos, a journal, some code, anything that gets you into a creative mood and gets you working.

Wake up early

The nicest part about waking up early is that it is quiet and still. You can concentrate on a few big tasks as soon as you get up and get a bunch of work done that would have taken many more hours during the bustle of the day.

Be nice to yourself.

You might assume that to beat procrastination you need to be strict with yourself, but that’s not what science says. If you’ve already procrastinated, you’re more likely to get started on time going forward if you show yourself some compassion for your previous slacking rather than beating yourself up about it.

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