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Offline Feature In Facebook

Offline Feature In Facebook

Importance Of Offline Feature In Facebook

Facebook is giving more importance to videos lately, and it is evident from the fact that the company is focusing more on features related to videos in its platforms. Facebook has lately been increasing focus on its video-streaming department.

Offline Feature In Facebook
Offline Feature In Facebook

The company is following YouTube by offering an offline feature that will enable users to download some videos and watch them later. This new feature will be tested in India starting July 11th with a small percentage of people. This feature will allow the videos to reach places even with a slow internet connection.

With this feature, essentially the company will option to download the videos on their Facebook, while the user is connected to a good internet connection, to watch them offline later. Also, only the original videos posted by the users on their personal accounts and pages can be downloaded. No ads or sponsored content will be affected by this feature.

Smartphone users in India, using the particular feature, will be able to download a Facebook video within the app itself and view it even when there is no internet connectivity.

The company believes that the new update will encourage more activity on the social network. The initiative fits the same objectives of the company with Free Basics. Facebook product manager Chris Struhar stated that the objective of the News Feed is to offer information and events that matter to the user.

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