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iPhone SE Features

iPhone SE Features

Five Important Features Of iPhone SE

iPhone SE takes an incredibly popular design and refines it even further. It has so many qualities compared to another phones. This is hands down one of the biggest features of the new 4 inch iPhone SE. In fact, it is the main driving force behind its creation.

iPhone SE Features
iPhone SE Features

Faster network speed

The iPhone SE is hands-down faster when it comes to both Wi-Fi and cellular coverage when compared to the iPhone 5S. The SE supports 802.11ac for Wi-Fi and features 19 LTE bands with a maximum speed of up to 150 Mbps. The SE also sports the latest in Bluetooth, version 4.2. True, your theoretical speeds won’t be as fast as they are on the iPhone 6S, but it is still an upgrade over the iPhone 5S.

Battery life

The display is usually the most power-hungry component on a smartphone or tablet, and the iPhone SE is no different. But thanks to the device’s diminutive screen, it can still hang with, and at times surpass the bigger iPhone models, even though there is less physical space for batteries.

Live Photos

The iPhone 5S already allows users to view Live Photos, but with the iPhone SE you can both view and create Live Photos. The Live Photos feature first debuted with the iPhone 6s, and it lets you capture movement and sound just before and right after a photo is taken. The result is a photo that comes to life with a long-press on the screen, and Live Photos briefly animate as you swipe through your photo library.

12 megapixel i Sight Camera

In its heyday, the iPhone 5S’ 8-megapixel i Sight camera was pretty good, but the camera featured in the iPhone SE is straight out of the iPhone 6S, which many consider to be among the best smartphone cameras available right now.


Apple never advertises the amount RAM it includes in its mobile devices, but benchmarks show that the new iPhone SE features double the RAM of the iPhone 5S. It is a well known fact that 2GB of RAM in an iOS device seems to be the sweet spot with recent versions of iOS. It is not enough for a modern iOS device to ship with 1GB of RAM, as this results in slow performance, and Safari pages that often force-refresh. These are the iPhone SE features.

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