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Jaguar XE Car

Jaguar XE Car

Latest Jaguar XE Car

The Jaguar XE is one of the most exciting cars to be launched this year and understandably so. Jaguar has always been known to produce cars that slot into the higher sections of the premium category and this has been evident since the new look XJ and XF began production in 2009. Aimed at giving the British manufacturer a chance at the volumes game.

Jaguar XE Car
Jaguar XE Car

Jaguar Car

The XE will be the first compact executive Jaguar since the 2009 model year X-Type and will be the first of several Jaguar models to be built using Jaguar’s new modular aluminium architecture, moving the company away from the Ford derived platforms that were used in the past for the X-Type and XF. Jaguar cars today are designed in Jaguar Land Rover’s engineering centres at the Whitley plant in Coventry and at their Gaydon site in Warwickshire, and are assembled in their plants at Castle Bromwich and Solihull.

Features of Jaguar XE

The incorporation of lightweight aluminium in its construction, which accounts to 75 per cent of the structure, has helped the manufacturer to keep the vehicle as light as possible. The XE’s cabin is otherwise a bright and pleasant place, and not just because cherry-red leather radiates energy. Over all those miles, including sprints through the mountains and back-and-forth slogs for photography, the XE drank enough high-octane fuel to average 23 mpg. This immensely strong body saves weight without compromising durability and provides very high torsional stiffness.

Direct power

When I put the eight-speed automatic transmission in Sport mode and switched Jaguar’s Configurable Dynamics setting to Dynamic, the connection between accelerator and power delivery felt direct and immediate. The automatic transmission did its part as well, its Sport mode hanging onto a gear even as the tach needle blurred past the 5,000 rpm mark. It was if my right foot had a direct line to the driveshaft, without all the intervening engine control electronics and plumbing. Flooring it made the little XE leap forward with no hesitation.

The Jaguar XE is a solid premium sedan priced fairly for what it offers; if you buy one, you should feel very proud to drive it. But does this mean the XE is on par with Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Definitely not.

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