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Lenova Yoga Book

Lenova Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga

Lenova Yoga Book was designed to work with Android, but a few months into development, Lenovo decided to also make a Windows 10 version. But Android is a different beast, and Lenovo did add a number of things to it in order to take advantage of the Yoga Book’s hardware.

Lenova Yoga Book
Lenova Yoga Book

Yoga Book Review

Lenovo is new take on the tablet computer. Lenovo didn’t make a Courier, but its new Yoga Book might inspire the same reactions. Yoga Book from the first time I laid eyes on it, and if you’re anything like me, you will, too. And unlike the Courier, you will actually be able to buy the Yoga Book. The Yoga Book is 96 cm thick and can run Android or Windows 10. The Create Pad is put atop the Halo Keyboard, and with the Real Pen can transcribe drawings you do on it to software within the Yoga Book.

Features of Lenovo Yoga Book


The stylish hinge not only looks great, but it allows the device to lie completely flat as well as smoothly transition between a variation of uses, such as tablet, laptop and tent. . A glistening chrome Lenovo emblem is embedded in the bottom left corner, accenting the silvery aluminum watchband hinge that’s become synonymous with Lenovo’s Yoga series convertibles.


Lenovo Yoga Book is Screen size 10.10. The Yoga Book’s 1920 x 1200 IPS touch display is colorful and bright, but the hues could be more accurate. But it wasn’t enough to detract from the generous sprinkling of fine white hairs throughout the actor’s beard and hairline. Lenovo Yoga Book’s are no touchscreen.

Camera and Audio

One thing that literally blew me away on the Yoga Book were it’s superb speakers. For such a slim chassis, the Yoga Book gets surprisingly loud. The front-facing camera is fine, it’ll get you by with Skype conversations and perhaps a selfie here and there, but you won’t want to use this in low-light environments or to do any real video. Out of the six settings Dynamic delivered the best audio overall.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Instead of there being a normal, boring physical keyboard, Lenovo has built a keyboard into a Wacom-touch based surface that can switch between touch-input for typing, and inking with a dedicated Wacom pen. In all honesty, the keyboard is freaking cool to look at. Dubbed the “Halo Keyboard”, the touch-based typing area is amazing to look at. It lights up when the device is powered on, and vibrates with an audible noise when pressing a button.

Battery Life

Lenovo claims that the Yoga Book can last up to 13 hours on a charge. Although the Yoga Book is sporting a premium look and feel, it isn’t exactly rocking premium specifications.

Bottom Line

The Lenovo Yoga Book is an interesting device. It’s a beautiful, premium-feeling 2-in-1, with tablet-class specifications. The Yoga Book is the futuristic convertible that I want somewhere down the line.


Outside of the sketching and notetaking apps, the Yoga Book has the usual Windows 10 apps, with several third-party programs thrown in for good measure, including Netflix, Pandora and Twitter. Lenova Yoga Book Android 6.0 Operating System.

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