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Lithium Polymer battery

Lithium Polymer battery

Features of Li Polymer Battery

A Lithium polymer battery is a rechargeable battery of Lithium-ion technology in a pouch format. Li-ion and Lithium polymer batteries can provide up to twice as much energy density as NiCD batteries, and are capable of high discharge currents. Li-ion and Lithium polymer cells are only sold as parts of battery pack assemblies, and are not available individually. Single cells are only available with protection circuitry installed.

Lithium Polymer battery
Lithium Polymer battery

Features of Lithium Polymer Battery

  1. High energy density lithium polymer battery

  2. Long life cycle of charging & discharging, more than 500 cycles

  3. Enhanced safety with Japan IC & MOS protectors

  4. Thinner design & lighter weight with aluminum-plastic composite

  5. OEM & ODM services for special size of lithium polymer battery

  6. Easy to assemble with mounted connectors (Molex, Tyco and so on)

  7. Rigorous testing to ensure the quality of all lithium polymer batteries

“Lithium-polymer” batteries are almost exactly the same as Lithium-ion batteries, but they are instead contained in a flexible polymer casing. It’s basically just a repackaged Lithium-ion battery. Li-polymer offers slightly higher specific energy and can be made thinner than conventional Li-ion, but the manufacturing cost is higher by 10–30 percent. There is such a thing as a real lithium-polymer battery, which uses a polymer as the electrolyte in the battery instead of other standard liquid electrolytes.

The basic element of a battery is an electrochemical cell. Each “Half-Cell” is made of an electrode and an electrolyte. The electrolyte can be any substance in which Ions, electrically charged atoms or molecules, can be separated by electrolysis. Lithium Ion batteries use a Lithium Metal Oxide compound on the cathode that is he positive electrode during battery discharge. Li-Polymer batteries are slowly degrading from the day they are created, and are subject to the same harm caused by deep-discharges. These batteries are cheap dry cell batteries or the most advanced Li-Ion of Li-Po batteries.

Tips for increasing the life of lithium based batteries

  1. Keep your batteries at room temperature of between 25 and 30 degrees C.

  2. It is better to have a high capacity lithium battery for your device, rather than to have an additional spare battery of low capacity.

  3. Lithium batteries do not have a charge memory. This means, you do not need deep discharge cycles.

  4. You should avoid completely discharging Lithium-ion batteries.

We must follow all the safety precautions when using Lithium based batteries in our electronic devices. The Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries can last quite long if they are taken a proper care of.

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