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Microsoft Slack Killer

microsoft slack killer

Microsoft slack killer

Microsoft Slack Killer is couple months ago, reports surfaced that the software giant was building a Slack competitor that would be branded Skype Teams, after Microsoft decided not to pursue a massive $8 billion acquisition of the hot enterprise messaging start-up. Microsoft Slack Killer It turns out that Microsoft is going with Microsoft Teams, and it will be part of the Office 365 suite.

microsoft slack killer
microsoft slack killer

Microsoft’s Slack Killer

More details are trickling out about Microsoft’s plans to launch a Slack-killer chat app, which is expected to be announced next week at a Microsoft Office event in New York on November 2. Screenshots of the new app leaked nearly two months ago, published by MSPoweruser’s Mehedi Hassan. They show that the app will also have threaded conversations, in which people can reply to comments like a Facebook comment thread.

Microsoft Puts Slack in Cross Hairs With New Office Chat App

In the last couple of years at Microsoft, some old habits have been tossed away, like obsessively placing Windows software at the center of all the company’s big bets. But the company would still dig trenches to protect Office, its $23-billion-a-year software franchise. If you think Microsoft Teams sounds a little like Slack, the relatively new chat service that has pulses pounding among Silicon Valley investors and customers, you would be correct.

What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the most significant new addition in years to Office 365, the current name of the Microsoft software suite, which has over the years migrated from the PC to become a product delivered over the internet that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other applications. Bill Gates, a Microsoft co-founder and now technology adviser, even had a hand in its creation. It allows mobile messaging with lots of features that will look familiar to other Mobile Collaboration offerings such as Slack and Cisco Spark.

Slack killer? Microsoft Teams couldn’t care less

  1. The Office user base is so much bigger

  2. Slack is just one of many competitors

  3. Microsoft Teams has way more features

  4. Team collaboration must embrace messaging too

  5. It’s not about technology, it’s about adoption.

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