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Most dangerous passwords of the year 2016

Most Dangerous Passwords In 2016

Most Dangerous Passwords In 2016

Every year, security experts and internet bloggers plead with the general public to use more secure passwords for their online accounts. After examining over 10 million passwords that became public following security breaches throughout the year, the Keeper team discovered that an astounding 17% of internet users still use “123456” as a password. And believe it or not, that’s only the beginning of the bad news.

Most Dangerous Passwords In 2016
Most Dangerous Passwords In 2016

Worst Passwords of 2015, Best Passwords of 2016

Among dangerous of the representatives of the list of the password “111111”, “password”, “123123” and other obvious combination of numbers and letters. When it comes to digital security, little is as important as knowing how to create a strong password. For many, this is a challenging and even frustrating experience, a delicate balancing act. However, there are a few techniques that can help you to reliably create strong passwords.


  1. 123456

  2. qwerty

  3. 111111

  4. 1234567890

  5. 987654321

  6. 123321

  7. 666666


  • Avoid favorite sports. ‘Baseball’ and ‘football’ were often in the top 10 worst password list.

  • Birthdays and years of birth are easy to guess with the help of personal information.

  • Common names such as Michael and Jennifer are insecure, with many making SplashData’s Top 50 list, too.

  • Experts suggest using eight mixed types of characters, with seemingly random combinations if possible.

  • They say that passphrases – short words with spaces or other characters separating them – are easy to recall and are relatively secure if seemingly random words are used.

  • Experts also advise having different passwords for different sites, instead of relying on one, which if hacked, could prove particularly serious.

Here are some of the scariest things that the developers behind the Keeper app discovered

  1. The most-frequently used password list isn’t changing from year to year.

  2. Four of the top ten most popular passwords are six characters or less.

  3. Email providers aren’t doing enough to stop spammers from setting up dummy accounts

Experts have called the most dangerous password 2016

  • 12345678 (Up 1)

  • qwerty (Up 1)

  • 2345 (Down 2)

  • football (Up 3)

  • princess (New)

  • login (New)

  • baseball (Down 2)

  • welcome (New)

  • 1234567890 (New)

  • abc123 (Up 1)

  • master (Up 2)

  • 1qaz2wsx (New)

  • dragon (Down 7))

  • monkey (Down 6)

  • solo (New)

  • passw0rd (New)

  • starwars (New)

Every year, SplashData complies a list of the millions of stolen passwords made public throughout the last twelve months, then sorts them in order of popularity. This year the results, based on a total of over 2 million leaked passwords, are not the list of random alpha-numeric characters you might hope for. Rather, they’re a lesson in exactly how not to choose a password.

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