Paytm WhatsApp Rivalry

Paytm plans to start messaging service rival to Whatsapp

India’s largest digital payment firm Paytm planning to start messaging service like Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp. Paytm WhatsApp Competition will be definitely another milestone in this Industry. Let’s see who wins.. 

Paytm WhatsApp Rivalty

Paytm WhatsApp Rivalry

Paytm has more than 225 million registered users. According to the information available online, Paytm is planning to add their registered users to new message application. This help Paytm to build business easily.

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Paytm Message Service supports text, images, audio and video for messaging. We may have to wait till the release to see the additional features.

Paytm business increased rapidly after 2016 demonetization in India. The number of digital payment expected to be increased to 500 Million by 2020.

Since Paytm is integrating the chat system to their existing application, the necessity of pushing the customer to install an additional application will dissolve.

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Interesting Facts in Paytm WhatsApp Rivalry


  • The Paytm messaging service news came out and WhatsApp has already been trying to integrate UPI payments in its Application.
  • The number of registered users are more for Paytm compared to WhatsApp in India. Paytm has more than 225 Millon users available whereas the whatsapp just touch 200 Millon.
  • Paytm WhatsApp Rival news first revealed by Wall Street Journals on Tuesday.
  • WhatsApp business head Neeraj Arora also attended the board meeting for the Paytm decision.

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Paytm is backed by Japan’s SoftBank and China’s Alibaba, started planning for execution inspired by the success of WeChat in China. 70% of the China people are WeChat users and they are using the same application for payment as well.

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