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Nokia 3310 returns

Nokia 3310 returns

Nokia 3310 returns 

Nokia phones are making a comeback with a new series, which will include a much-loved feature device from the turn of the millennium.

Nokia 3310 returns
Nokia 3310 returns

According to Venture Beat, “a modern version” of the Nokia 3310 will be part of the lineup of HMD Global Oy, which has exclusive rights to market devices under the iconic phone brand.

Iconic Nokia 3310 set to make come back on February 26

Iconic Nokia 3310
Iconic Nokia 3310

Three other Nokia Android phones will also be launched at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The iconic Nokia 3310 is set to make a come back on February 26, during the launch of Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 – both Android 7.0 Nougat phones. Finland-based company HMD Global, which has the rights to use the brand’s name, plans to launch the new products at Mobile World Congress 2017.

The Nokia 3310 Will Make A Come back At This Year’s MWC Alongside Three Smartphones

Nokia 3310 – MWC Alongside Three Smartphones

Nokia wants to make a big comeback folks. The firm and its owner HMD Global are a regular feature of news. It’s a good change, as only a handful of smartphone manufacturers manage to garner this sort of attention. The pair became the center of spotlight after the Nokia 6 was a major success in China. The device sold out minutes after release with HMD clarifying later that the event was not a flash sale. Today, we’ve got some more news on the pair.

Nokia Will Launch Three Devices At The MWC With No Mention Of Nokia P1

Today a new report has surfaced about Nokia’s plans for this month’s MWC in Barcelona. A couple of earlier leaks claim that the company will launch a flagship smartphone at the congress. It’ll be dubbed as the Nokia P1 and launch in two variants. One of these will launch at MWC and feature the Snapdragon 821. The second, owing to supply constraints will launch later this year, when Samsung’s done with the Snapdragon 835.

The Popular Nokia 3310 Is Making A Come back At MWC 2017

Nokia 3310’s Come Back

In day’s of old when smartphones weren’t sold, and iOS and Android had not been invented. There reigned a Finnish handset producer with a reputation for products that were simple to use and offered superior durability. Of course, the company we’re talking about is Nokia, and as far as its past durable handsets are concerned the Nokia 3310 reigned supreme! Oh, and a recent leak has revealed this handset could enter production again.

Nokia 3310’s Come Back

Much like today, back in the early 2000’s there were many mobile phone manufacturers. However, in those day’s as we’ve already pointed out Nokia reigned, it churned out handset model, after handset model. But, as you may remember back then a phone was, well a phone! Yes, you could make a call, send a text and play Snake, but little else. This was before 3G, and even before the color screen, in fact, polyphonic ring tones had not even become main stream.

How Much will it Cost

As for how much, we don’t have a definite price. However, somewhere in the region of €59 or $62 USD is thought o be close. Why this cheap? While this isn’t going to be an exact replica of the Nokia 3310, it is going to be true to its original nature. Meaning, it’s not going to be a tough smartphone, it’s no Android or even a feature phone.

Is there a Market

May be in emerging markets, those without handsets that need data connections. Or possibly even some employers who only require their staff to be contactable. We imagine a durable and practical device like a Nokia 3310 could find a place with such users.

So, watch this space and look out for our Mobile World Congress updates. Because as soon as HMD Global reveal anything about this handset or others like the Nokia 8 or P1. We will inform you straight away.

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