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Pebble Fitbit

Pebble Fitbit

What are Pebble Fitbit

Pebble the kickstarter project that made smartwatches a buzzword, is no longer an independent entity. The company has been acquired by Fitbit, which is the world’s leading fitness band player.

Pebble Fitbit
Pebble Fitbit

Risks Alienating Loyal Users

The sounded like it might be a good thing, as Pebble was struggling to gain market share in the wearables industry and may have gone under without an exit plan. Unfortunately, however, it appears that the deal doesn’t include Pebble’s hardware. Considering Pebble’s hardware is what helped the company build a following in the first place, killing its run strikes me as a mistake. Fitbit risks not only disappointing the thousands of loyal fans that believed in Pebble despite the odds but also punishing them. It’s not a good look for either company. It seems like a matter of time before support for all Pebble devices comes to an end.

Wearables Maker

Wearable maker that Pebble was in line to be bought by Fitbit. Fitbit, one of the biggest names fitness trackers, has confirmed that it’s acquiring the assets and intellectual property of Pebble, one of wearable’s early stars. The deal doesn’t include Pebble’s hardware products. Fitbit CEO James Park said the acquisition will help it develop new health and fitness features. With basic wearables getting smarter and smartwatches adding health and fitness capabilities.

Smartwatch Startup Pebble

The fitness band maker, has acquired software assets from struggling smartwatch startup Pebble Technology Corp., a move that will help it better compete with Apple Inc. The deal is mainly about hiring the startup’s software engineers and testers, and getting intellectual property such as the Pebble watch’s operating system, watch apps, and cloud services, people familiar with the matter said earlier. The rest of Pebble’s assets, including product inventory and server equipment, will be sold off separately, some of the people said.

Top 5 Features of Pebble’s Smartwatch

  1. Color e-Paper display

  2. Supports all Pebble apps

  3. Amazing battery life

  4. Easy to customize

  5. Built-in microphone

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