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The Most Romantic Cities in the World

The seven most romantic cities of the world

The seven most romantic cities of the world

It allows you to escape the stresses of modern life and fall in love with each other all over again in an exciting locale. Sometimes, you just need a romantic getaway with your loved one. Nurture your relationship by planning a trip to one of the Most Romantic Cities in the world.

The seven most romantic cities of the world
The seven most romantic cities of the world

Most Romantic Cities

As a full time travel couple, we’ve managed to experience some of the most sizzling destinations on earth.

  1. New York city in USA

    Newyork city is famous for different reasons one of them being that it is a love paradise. As one of the biggest cities in the world, Newyork has become famous for many different things. Between buggy rides, fine dining and romantic hotels, a trip to Newyork can be planned to create a romantic weekend to remember. It there fore makes a good valentine’s destination.

  2. Venice in Italy

    It is pure romance to ridge gondola down the canal, walk along the narrow bridges as you get lost once in a while. If you’re looking to pop the big question, or celebrate a land mark anniversary, is there anything more romantic than a torch-lit tour in a gondola. A romantic trip to Venice will create life long memories. The monumental squares in Venice will make her say “I do” be for you even propose to her.

  3. Paris in France

    Another perfect visit for valentine’s is love city of Paris in France. “The city of light” has fully embraced its romantic reputation, and many hotels in and around Paris are designed specifically for intimate getaways. A trip to this beautiful city provides numerous romantic. In Paris, love is in the air everywhere you look around. Paris is made for Amour.

  4. Prague in Europe

    Prague is one of the great romantic cities in the world. One of the Few Major European cities that had not been suffering significant damage during the bombardments of the second world war. You will both surely enjoy walking hand in hand all the way from the castle through Charles bridge and gaze at each other’s eyes as you listen to the chime of an astronomical clock that is 600 years old. Prague is the paradise of lovers.

  5. Rome in Italy

    Twenty-eight centuries of history, a prince less cultural heritage, and the typical Italian ambience. The most dazzling city in the world is Rome. Lovers gather at the Trevi fountain,which has the most attractive ambience in its ancient eternal love history. The fun may even extend to sipping cappuccinos or latters at the center of dazzling piazz as.

  6. Florence in Italy

    The renaissance of Florence gives it a romantic storybook atmosphere, especially for lovers and lovers of art. Make sure you visit Florence City as you will have a lot talk about and tell in future. You can then settle for the most romantic candle light dinner of finest Italian wine and cuisine. Couples can end their romantic night at the Vecchio Bridge.

  7. Lisbon in Portugal

    Lisbon in Portugal is also a great valentine’s romantic get away. Lisbon is called European capital of pure romanticism. It is continental Europe’s western most capital city and the only one along the Atlantic coast. The neighbourhood has sintra and the charming obi dos which was once given by a king to his queen as a wedding gift.

Many relationship experts consider romance the key to lasting happiness and the key to a successful long term relationship. You’ll be able to whisk your loved one away on an unforgettable journey and makes memories to last a life time.

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