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S7 liquid cooling system

Galaxy S7’s liquid cooling system

Samsung Galaxy S7 Liquid Cooling System

The smartphone’s cooling system is one of them. For smartphones, effective thermal radiation and control are crucial functions for the performance and lifespan. Liquid cooling was one of the things Samsung surprised us with at MWC 2016 during the Galaxy S7 announcement. Samsung has announced at the unveiling that the Galaxy S7 liquid cooling system that will keep the handset from overheating – a major problem OEMs are faced with high-processing devices.

S7 liquid cooling system
Galaxy S7

Why Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling is also commonly called as water cooling is the best solution for rapid heat removal due to its unmatched thermal performance. It is the only solution that allows successful heat removal from critical spots in the modern day computer with zero noise pollution. Liquid cooling isn’t a new fad in DIY PC building, however it has become more popular recently due to improvements in technology that allow it to be more accessible to even beginner builders. The reason is simple: the benefits far outweigh the risk, and when assembled correctly, the risk of damage from leaks is very low.

First Galaxy S7 teardown reveals

It’s barely been a day since the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge were announced to take on the smartphone world by storm, and the Galaxy S7 already has its very own tear down treatment, watertight chassis or not. A tear down performed on the Galaxy S7 reveals how the device’s much-touted novel liquid cooling system works. The tear down reveals that the feature is based on a complex flat copper piping that has a small amount of liquid inside.

How The Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Cooling System Works

Samsung presented a new cooling system for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at this year’s MWC conference. This is no different for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The special feature, however, is that water is used as a coolant. The cooling systems the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have are similar to those used in PCs.

Depending on the installed smartphone components, heat generation is not dramatic. Too much heat can adversely affect performance – such as what we saw with the Sony Xperia Z3+ heat scandal. They have developed different systems to counteract heat. These include cooling systems, or even processor throttling.

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