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Samsung Note7 Battery Investigation

Samsung Note7 Battery Investigation

Samsung Note7 Battery Investigation Reveals Two Major Causes

The long and tumultuous story of the Galaxy Note7 smartphone finally has a conclusion now that Samsung has finally released the findings of its investigation into the exploding incidents that led to the device’s recall. According to Samsung, among the issues causing the battery malfunctions were internal short circuits in the batteries as well as a number of batteries were missing insulation tape.

Samsung Note7 Battery Investigation
Samsung Note7 Battery Investigation

Samsung could bring two types of foldable smartphones in 2017

Global tech giant Samsung finally seems to have taken a step into the future as according to reports, it might be nearing the release of a foldable smartphone soon. Following several rumors leaked designs, teaser videos regarding the flexible bodies device, the company seems to be following through with the plan. South Korea’s ET News claimed that the company has been working on two different types of flexible smartphones which have separate dual-screened variants, expected to be released early next year.

  1. Samsung’s next could be a foldable smartphone; Here is what Galaxy X might look like

    In a recently published patent, Samsung has shown the planning of a new smartphone which can fold in half near the middle, following ideas of futuristic design experimentation. According to reports, the bendable device will be announced in 2017. There might also be a secondary display which works when the device is folded.

  2. Samsung builds a test lab to find the root cause of the Note 7’s issues

    Samsung tested other device features such as the USB-C charger and Iris scanner. It evaluated the software and algorithms tied to wireless charging. It even evaluated how third party applications were impacting the phone. In the last 120 days, Samsung built a new test lab.

Battery manufacturing issues led to smoking phones

What happened? In short, batteries from two different manufacturers had flaws. A small subset of batteries could overheat and potentially catch fire. It’s clear that the smartphone industry’s desire for ever thinner phones with longer battery life has strained battery manufacturing processes.

Samsung creates battery advisory group and designs an 8-point battery safety system

  • Durability Test

  • Visual Inspection

  • X-Ray Test

  • Disassembling Test

  • TVOC Test

  • ΔOCV Test

  • Charge and Discharge Test

  • Accelerated Usage Test

Samsung reveals Galaxy Note 7 investigation results

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was once considered as a tough rival that challenged Apple iPhone 7 last year thanks to its exciting features and premium design. However, the Note 7 turned out to be the biggest failure Samsung has ever experienced, as some of handsets began catching fire after Samsung initiated a worldwide release. The fire reports led to a recall of the device before it was officially discontinued.

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