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Self growth improvement


In our fast environment we cannot have time to track our self growth and people trying to live in their safe zone. To achieve self growth first we should have a clear idea on high and low in us. With regard to the highs and lows we should plan for the need to improve area, and apart from that go ahead and try to use below scenarios to achieve same.

1. Read everyday
2. Learn a new thing (eg: a language)
3. Level up your skills
4. Learn a new hobby
5. Put challenges weekly, monthly and yearly 
6. Identify your weak/blind spots
7. Get out of your comfort zone
8. Determine your safe zone/comfortable area/room to achieve goals
9. Show kindness to people around you
10.Let go of the past 
Reading a book everyday will increase your self confidence and the continuous growth will motivate your mind to higher levels.Learning new things/hobby also motivate the brain cells to attain a level and this will leads to self growth.And try to set goals/challenges with a due date and follow actions until it complete.And you can level up your skill, with the clear understanding of our weak area and to acquire same you should get out of your comfort zone.Determine a place where you are more productive to improve your self growth.
And finally just forget the past and live in the present to achieve a goal successfully.
By following above exercises you can improve your self confidence and this will lead to self growth. 



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