FDA Removes Partial Clinical Hold For Esperion’s Drug for Bad Cholesterol


Esperion Therapeutics Cholesterol Drug Issue with FDA

Esperion Therapeutics Cholesterol Drug

Esperion Therapeutics Cholesterol Drug Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. is a public, American pharmaceutical company focused on the development of a first-in-class, orally available, small molecule designed to significantly lower elevated levels of LDL-C – with the reduced potential for muscle-related side effects associated with statin use. Company Overview Esperion is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing first-in-class, oral, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol lowering therapies for the treatment of patients with elevated LDL-C. patients with elevated LDL-C have LDL-C levels not adequately controlled with current lipid-modifying therapies. Patients with elevated LDL-CRead More