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Top Ten Brands In The World 2016

Top Ten Brands In The World 2016

Top Ten Brands In The World 2016

Walt Disney has overtaken Lego to become the world’s most powerful brand. Following Disney is Lego – dropping from first place, which it held last year. Despite being the least valuable brand in the top 10, at least in terms of the money involved, Lego ranks second for brand strength.

Top Ten Brands In The World 2016
Top Ten Brands In The World 2016

Walt Disney

Disney is not only powerful because of recent purchases, it benefits from a long and established history. So it is rank to the top first position as reaches.


The least-valuable brand in the top 10 is also the second-most powerful. Its success is built upon the strong foundation of being in every child’s toy box, but the Danish company has suffered some PR defeats over the past year which kept it off the top spot.


L’Oréal has managed to maintain an air of exclusivity, despite its huge number of dedicated consumers. Brand Finance puts this success down to massive investment and an unrivalled focus on marketing. Despite Brazil becoming a challenging market for the hair and beauty product brand this year. Here are top ten brands in the world 2016.


Price water house Coopers has a brand built on being one of the Big Four auditors, alongside KPMG, EY and Deloitte. PwC edged out McKinsey to be the most powerful brand in the financial industries this year.


The brand is constantly adapting to changes in the workplace and its consultants are often drafted in to lead big business transformations.


This was largely driven by demand for shoes and apparel in North America. The brand has found recent success in appealing to consumers via Instagram, on which it has more than 31 million followers.


Perhaps a surprising entry in the list, Johnson’s is established as the leading baby product brand. However, Johnson’s consumer products may split from the pharmaceuticals and medical devices divisions over the coming year, which will have consequences on its brand valuation in next year’s ranking.


Coca-Cola is still incredibly popular, but the brand has been somewhat undermined over the past few years by consumers opting to switch away from sugary drinks. The company recently launched its new Taste the Feeling global campaign to unite the various incarnations of Coca-Cola under one message.


NBC claims it is un-threatened by the rise of non-linear TV services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The most popular shows on online streaming services still get far fewer viewers than the best shows on traditional TV.


Over the past year ,Google has gone through big changes, having reorganised its structure to sit under parent company Alphabet in October. While cost-per-click advertising has been declining over recent years, the tech company is increasing its ability to generate substantial mobile revenue.

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