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United States Marine Corps Facts

United States Marine Corps Facts

What is United States Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection, using the mobility of the United States Navy, by Congressional mandate, to deliver rapidly, combined-arms task forces on land, at sea, and in the air. The U.S. Marine Corps is one of the four armed service branches in the U.S. Department of Defense and one of the seven uniformed services of the United States. Here are a few United States Marine Corps Facts

United States Marine Corps Facts
United States Marine Corps Facts


Marines, also known as a marine corps or naval infantry, are an infantry force that specializes in the support of naval and army operations at sea and on land, as well as the execution of their own operations. In the majority of countries, the marine force is part of the navy, but it can also be under the army like the Troupes de marine and Givati Brigade, or form an independent armed service branch like the United States Marine Corps.

Mission of United States Marine Corps

  • The seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and other land operations to support naval campaigns;

  • The development of tactics, technique, and equipment used by amphibious landing forces in coordination with the Army and Air Force; and

  • Such other duties as the President may direct.

6 United States Marine Corps Facts

  1. The first Marine Corps recruitment took place in a bar.

    Marine tradition holds that the Corps was formed in a bar. The story dates to late-November 1775, when newly commissioned Captains Samuel Nicholas and Robert Mullan supposedly organized the first Marine Corps muster at Tun Tavern, a popular watering hole in Philadelphia. The National Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia even contains a restaurant named Tun Tavern.

  2. The Marines’ first battle took place in the Bahamas.

    The first amphibious landing in Marine Corps history came on March 3, 1776, when a force under Captain Samuel Nicholas stormed the beaches of the British-held island of New Providence in the Bahamas. New Providence’s British governor managed to ship more than 150 barrels of gunpowder out of the town before the Marines arrived, but Nicholas and his band successfully seized several brass cannons and mortars that were later put to use by George Washington’s Continental Army.

  3. The Marine Band is nicknamed The President’s Own.

    First formed in 1798, the Marine Corps’ military band is famous for having performed at the inauguration of every American president since Thomas Jefferson in 1801. Jefferson nicknamed the Marine Band The President’s Own, and since then, its main purpose has been to provide music for the commander in chief at state dinners, parades and other functions.

  4. The Marines first won fame for fighting pirates.

    The Marine Corps was revived in July 1798 and later sent into action against the Barbary pirates, a group of North African corsairs that had spent years raiding American merchant shipping and extorting costly ransoms and tributes. The victory was the first ever battle fought by the United States on foreign soil, and helped lead to a favorable peace deal in the First Barbary War.

  5. The Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Navy.

    While the Marine Corps is its own branch of the U.S. military, it falls under the administration of the Department of the Navy. Marines have also operated under the authority of the Army, most famously during World War I, when the Fourth Marine Brigade was attached to the Second Infantry Division in Europe.

  6. Marines served in the European and African Theaters of World War II.

    The Marines of World War II are best known for their island hopping campaign in the Pacific at battles such as Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, but they also had a small presence in the war’s other theaters. During the Normandy invasion, Marine sharpshooters used their rifles to detonate floating mines and clear the way for Navy ships. At least 50 members of the Corps also served as intelligence agents and saboteurs for the Office of Strategic Services.

Hope the United States Marine Corps Facts are not known to all.

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