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Wireless Power Transmission

Notes about Wireless Power Transmission 

Is the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load, such as an electrical power grid or a consuming device, without the use of discrete human-made conductors. 

Wireless Power Transmission
Wireless Power Transmission

Wireless power Transmission

Wireless power transfer was first demonstrated by Nikola Tesla in the 1890s, however it is only really in the last decade that the technology has been harnessed to the point where it offers real, tangible benefits to real world applications. Wireless power is commonly known by many terms, including inductive power transfer. The basis of a wireless power system involves essentially two coils-a transmitter and receiver coil.

Advantages compared to other wireless methods are:

  • Collimated monochromatic wavefront propagation allows narrow beam cross-section area for transmission over large distances.

  • Compact size: Solid state lasers fit small products.

  • No radio-frequency interference to existing radio communication such as Wi-Fi and cell phones.

  • Access control: Only receivers hit by the laser receive power.

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