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World’s Top 50 Billionaires List

World’s Top 50 Billionaires List

Today’s Top 50 Billionaires in the world

There is remarkable changes happened in the world’s top 50 Billionaires list this year compared to the positions held in the past year.

World’s Top 50 Billionaires List
It’s all about Money

Facebook shares are surging as much as 15% after solid quarterly earning and it gives quick upward movement for Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg in the World’s Top 50 Billionaires List. Facebook earned most of its revenue from advertising and highlighted growth in video and Instagram monetization in the quarterly results.

Other few gainers include Jeff Bezos of, Larry Page and Sergey Bin of Google.

See the below chart to view the Top 50 Billionaires.

World's Top 50 Billionaires List

RankNameCompanyAgeNet WorthCountry
1Bill GatesMicrosoft60$76.2 BUnited States
2Amancio Ortega Zara79$68.4 B Spain
3Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway 85$59 B United States
4Jeff Bezos 52$55.8 B United States
5Carlos Slim Helu telecom76$49.6 B Mexico
6Mark Zuckerberg Facebook31$47.6 B United States
7Larry Ellison Oracle71$44.1 B United States
8Charles Koch diversified80$39.7 B United States
9David Koch diversified75$39.7 B United States
10Larry Page Google42$37.5 B United States
11Sergey Brin Google42$36.8 B United States
12Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg LP 73$35.9 B United States
13Liliane Bettencourt L'Oreal93$35.5 B France
14Jim Walton Wal-Mart 68$33.5 B United States
15Bernard Arnault LVMH66$33.3 B France
16Alice Walton Wal-Mart 66$31.9 B United States
17S. Robson Walton Wal-Mart 72$31.5 B United States
18Christy Walton Wal-Mart 61$30.5 B United States
19Li Ka-shing diversified87$28.2 B Hong Kong
20Phil Knight Nike77$26.1 B United States
21Beate Heister & Karl Albrecht Jr. supermarkets -$25.5 B Germany
22George Soros hedge funds 85$24.5 B United States
23Jorge Paulo Lemann beer76$24.5 B Brazil
24Sheldon Adelson casinos82$24.2 B United States
25Steve Ballmer Microsoft59$24.2 B United States
26Wang Jianlin real estate 61$23.8 B China
27David Thomson media58$23.6 B Canada
28Forrest Mars, Jr. candy84$23.1 B United States
29Jacqueline Mars candy76$23.1 B United States
30John Mars candy79$23.1 B United States
31Georg Schaeffler ball bearings 51$23 B Germany
32Lee Shau Kee real estate 88$22.3 B Hong Kong
33Mukesh Ambani petrochemicals, oil & gas 58$21.8 B India
34Maria Franca Fissolo Nutella, chocolates 98$21.6 B Italy
35Jack Ma e-commerce 51$21.4 B China
36Stefan Persson H&M 68$21.3 B Sweden
37Theo Albrecht, Jr. Aldi, Trader Joe's 65$20.2 B Germany
38Leonardo Del Vecchio eyeglasses 80$20.1 B Italy
39Michael Dell Dell50$18.5 B United States
40Paul Allen Microsoft, investments 63$18.1 B United States
41Carl Icahn investments79$17.9 B United States
42Tadashi Yanai retail66$17.8 B Japan
43Dhanin Chearavanont food76$17.7 B Thailand
44Ma Huateng internet media 44$17.7 B China
45Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud investments60$17.7 B Saudi Arabia
46Susanne Klatten BMW, pharmaceuticals 53$17.1 B Germany
47Dilip Shanghvi pharmaceuticals 60$17 B India
48Laurene Powell Jobs Apple, Disney 52$16.9 B United States
49Len Blavatnik diversified58$16.9 B United States
50Azim Premji software70$16.1 B India

Click here to view the updated list from Forbes Website.

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