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10 Craziest Nail Art Designs



Beautiful nail art ideas

If you are looking a lot of pictures for a nail art design always check at All For Fashion Design nails. We always present you really cute, cool easy, and amazing nail art design. Should you be one of those who got a passion for Nails Arts. While you might not want to sport any of these works of art yourself, you’ll definitely appreciate the time and effort that went into these 10 creative nail art designs.

Top 10 Best Nail Art Designs

1. Pom Pom Nails

The last time we played around with pom poms it was in tandem with popsicle sticks and glue guns at our 8th birthday party. Look at a pom pom and you will be reminded of a happy occasion full of excitement. This is the kind of nail art that is bordering on experimental veering from the normal and the ordinary. The very nature of the pom poms make them vulnerable to being soaked and losing shape or coming off the nail when exposed to too much water.

nail design

2. Mirrored Nails

Forget having to whip out a compact to check your teeth you can now do so with fingernails. From foil decals to shiny silver polish, mirror-like finishes are cropping up all over Instagram and we’re loving the disco-ready results.

nail design 2

3. Glass Nails

It’s no surprise that Korean beauty trends are taking over the Internet as well as our beauty arsenals. The colorful nail accent was inspired by the inside of the abalone shell, which is lined with a stunning rainbow pearl finish. Upon finding this unexpected inspiration on the beach, Park began looking for ways to mimic the exact look for nails

nail design 3

4. LED Nails

Libertine didn’t limit their nail adornments to fur—they went electronic too. According to Modern Salon, one model’s digits were decorated with beaded nail decals boasting 60 LED-lit Swarovski crystals.

nail design 4

5. Peacock Nail Art Designs

Peacock nail art designs are for those who are wearing a simpler outfit or have a peacock themed event that they are attending. For such techniques, it is best that only one or two fingers have this peacock feather art on nails on them. Do not forget to use the glitter nail paint for an additional bling effect on the nails.

nail design 5

6. Awesome Angles

Equal parts elegant and edgy, if you’ve been searching for a new way to wear your favorite polish colors, look no further. Coming up with inspo for this look, I felt like nail art started to get so crazy that people were beginning to move away from it, I thought the more simple the better.

nail design 6

7. Oil Spill Nails

First, there was oil slick hair for brunettes to get a rainbow mane, and now the holographic trend. Girls on Instagram are posting their oil slick nails, with all different shades and variations on the look. Some have darker tones and others are rocking lighter looks. It’s kind of like the galaxy trend, but with a more marble feel. And it’s really not hard to DIY.

nail design 7

8. Crystal Nails

Crystal Nails was born with the mainly USA, Crystal tipped nails that resemble shattered glass entered our radar earlier this year and the results are straight-up deadly.

nail design 8

9. Aquarium Nails

Even though mermaid nails (AKA aquarium nails) first got its legs so to speak last August, the trend really hit its stride this year when Instagram took the trend and swam with it. A swirling snow globe of glitter that’s covered with even more sparkly things and glitter and crystals. We’re calling it the Most Distracting Nail Trend of 2016.

nail design 9

10. Nasty Nails

“Nasty Nail” look for fall. Instead of a traditional manicure, the nail artists opted to make digits look dirty with a filthy wash of color and grime under the fingernails. We love an off-kilter approach, but we don’t recommend this technique for date night.

nail design 10

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