February 21, 2023

5 Weird Dog Behaviors


Weird Dog Behaviors

Though dogs truly are our best friends, they can sometimes be, well, a bit weird about things. We Homo Sapiens, however, have only been around for about half a million years. The dog’s “pre-human” time created a unique species and unique behaviours that some of us humans might find a bit odd. Most often, there’s a good reason for an odd behaviour if you just look closely enough.

Weird Dog Behaviors
Weird Dog Behaviors

Weirdest Dog

Dogs are not as mysterious as cats, but these canines some time show weird behaviors that can be puzzling to both new and experienced dog owners. Let’s take a look at some of our canine companions’ strangest behaviours, and then try to understand them from a dog’s perspective. I know; why on earth would any animal eat its own waste or that of another animal. It’s a bizarre behaviour from our perspective and one that can sometimes be detrimental to a dog. Additionally, in dirty kennels, puppy mills, or overcrowded shelters, the waste of puppies and other dogs can lie around for hours; the curious puppy will often eat the feces, which still contains some scent of food. This behaviour self-reinforces over time and when the puppy goes to a good home, the nasty habit often goes with them.

Some weird behaviors of the dogs are listed below

Humping, poop eating, reverse sneezing, tail chasing, rolling in stinky stuff;

  1. Humping

    Humping, or mounting, is a sexual position for dogs, but veterinarians who specialize in canine behavior say it often is done for other reasons as well. It’s an awkward moment when your dog saunters over to another dog at the park and starts humping away. Lastly, humping can become an obsessive-compulsive behaviour; like barking or tail chasing, it can self-reinforce over time and be nearly impossible to stop. Solutions to humping are comprehensive. First, make sure your dog is getting enough stimulation.

  2. Poop Eating

    Poop Eating or coprophagia is actually a very common behavior, especially in puppies. Several reasons exist for a dog eating what would seem to be such a poor food source. In the wild, predators hungry for a bit of puppy could locate the den simply by the scent of feces. Solutions to Poop Eating are Change the dog’s diet. Buy or prepare only nutritious, quality food that is formulated for the dog’s age, breed and any medical issues, Clean up after your pet, right after he goes – before he has a chance to eat his poop. Stopping access is one key to stopping this habit, Add two to four tablespoons of canned pumpkin to the food bowl each day. Pumpkin apparently tastes good in food, but repugnant when expelled in excrement.

  3. Reverse Sneezing

    Dog extends his neck and head and seems to be choking on something. After a few moments, the event is over, and he seems fine. This is the “reverse sneeze,” one of a dog’s most bizarre behaviours. Reverse sneezing can be caused by an irritant in the air, by eating or drinking too fast, by a foreign body or hair balls, or even a nasal infection. Solutions to Reverse Sneezing are In most cases, if the mucus or foreign matter in the nasal passages is removed, these reflexes will stop. In many cases an antihistamine or a decongestant will effectively reduce the dog’s involuntary reflexes.

  4. Tail Chasing

    The sight of a dog whirling around in a circle with his tail in his mouth might be one of the funniest scenes in dogdom. Of course when humans see this, they laugh, and often encourage the dog on. Tail chasing is not uncommon in puppies, and in most cases it is simply a playful game. And so the behaviour slowly becomes engrained. Solutions to Tail Chasing are Don’t give the behaviour any attention or ignoring it is best, Increase your dog’s activity levels, Monitor your dog’s skin and general health and seek veterinary advice if you detect problems or the tail chasing persists.

  5. Rolling in Stinky Stuff

    To dogs, what we find horrid is actually interesting. Think teenage boys wearing cheap cologne. Others posit it’s a holdover from when dogs wished to camouflage their own scent in order to sneak up on prey. Here’s a perfect example of something that smells nice to you but not to your dog: the perfumes used in dog shampoo. It’s his way of saying, “Hey, smell where I’ve been!”. When using any of these methods be careful not to get any of the solution into their eyes or ears. A dog’s ear is very sensitive, and as most of you know, prone to infections. So do your best not to get anything in there.

To prevent your dog anointing himself with eau de rotting seal keep things as clean as possible around home and property. Keep an eye out for garbage, dead animals, or generally stinky stuff. If needed, use a loud clap and a verbal Leave it! if you see him going for that flattened squirrel. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot on dog shampoo.

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