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Ball Tampering in Cricket can be legal



Considering legalizing of Cricket ball-tampering in wake of corona-virus

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Corona virus infection), bowlers will no longer be able to spit on a cricket ball, so it may be considered to allow the use of artificial objects to make it shine. It can also be said that ball tampering can now be legalized in cricket. In cricket, bowlers used spit (saliva) to shine the ball, but when cricket starts after the Kovid-19 pandemic, the ICC will have to make some decisions about it.

“The problem posed by the use of saliva to polish the ball is understood to be among the items raised by the ICC”s medical committee to be addressed before cricket can resume, meaning that lateral thinking is required to allow bowlers and teams to continue to find effective ways to shine the ball to help encourage conventional or reverse swing,” the ESPNCricinfo report stated.

The report has stated that administrators are “open to the option of allowing for the use of an agreed artificial substance to polish the ball under the supervision of the umpires”.

Former India pacer Venkatesh Prasad said he is in favour of the idea to not use saliva on the ball.

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