February 28, 2023

Carvana vehicle vending machine


Carvana, Houston

Carvana vehicle vending machine coming to Houston. Carvana announced its plans to build the vending machine in Houston earlier this year. The Houston vending machine is Carvana’s second in the U.S., but is the company’s largest. It is eight stories tall, holds 30 cars and has four garage bays, according to a statement. Houston’s skyline is also etched on the glass bay doors.

Carvana vehicle vending machine
Carvana vehicle vending machine


Carvana is letting customers do just that with its coin-operated vending machine in west Houston. The stop is located on the Katy Freeway just west of Beltway 8 and dispenses cars just like if you were buying a soda or a bag of candy from a vending machine. The only difference is, the car costs much more. The tower holds 30 cars at a time. To use the machine, you buy a car online, pay up, then get your “coin” to pick up the vehicle the following dayCarvana is letting customers do just that with its coin-operated vending machine in west.

Carvana’s 2nd ‘vending machine’ debuts in Houston

Customers in the region will have the option of picking up the vehicle they bought through Carvana at the eight-story, glass-structured building, which stands three stories taller than the original in Nashville. In an interview, Garcia did not disclose volume targets for the Houston location, nor did he reveal sales figures for the Nashville building, which opened in 2015. The opening follows a $160 million fundinground that the startup received in August.</p

8-story-tall Carvana car vending machine opens in Houston

Houston Soda, pizza, movies and high-end headphones are just some of the things customers can get from Carvana vending machines. On Wednesday, Houstonians can add cars to that list. Carvana.com allows customers to search for and buy a vehicle online, including financing and trade-ins, the company said. Once the purchase is complete, customers can chose to have the car delivered to their door or pick it up at a vending machine.

New Carvana tower aims to make car buying ‘fun’

The company operates in 21 markets and has been in Houston for 1½ years. The local car vending machine will be its second but not its last as it expands the concept to other cities. Carvana officials say the machine cuts down on overhead and real estate expenses, allowing the company to pack up to 30 cars on about two acres of land. They also say the spectacle of seeing the machine in action makes the car-buying experience more enjoyable.

Carvana vehicle vending machine coming to Houston

The fully automated vending machine at 10939 Katy Freeway will look and function like one opened in Nashville, Tenn., last year. Carvana customers buy vehicles online. Then at at the time of pickup, they select their names from a kiosk at the vending machine and insert a Carvana-branded coin. The machine then moves the car into a delivery bay where customers can retrieve it.

Carvana launches its second coin-op car vending machine, an 8-story behemoth in Houston

Founded out of Phoenix in 2013, Carvana offers an online platform for buying and selling cars, while also providing financing options for those unable to pay upfront. The company delivers cars to buyers across the U.S. and even offers next-day deliveries in some regions. In December 2013, the company opened a used-car “vending machine” in Atlanta, letting customers collect cars they had purchased online.

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