March 18, 2023

Father choked 6 year old son while playing video games


Dad killed 6 year old son in Florida

James Dearman, 31, of Florida smothered his son while playing video games. He become angry and pinned the child to the couch until he couldn’t breathe and lost consciousness.

James Dearman who killed his 6 year old son
James Dearman who killed his 6 year old son

               Authorities say a 6-year-old Florida boy is dead after his father pinned him against a couch while playing video games on Christmas Eve. Local media outlets report that 31-year-old James Dearman was charged Thursday with aggravated murder of a child. A Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office report says Dearman and his live-in girlfriend told the victim and his 7-year-old brother to go to bed but the boys continued to run around.

Dad killed 8 year old son in Florida

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