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Genuine Accessories for your Hyundai Creta



Perfect Accessories for Creta Mobis’

Perfect Accessories for Creta Mobis’

Adventure Kit for all New Hyundai Creta

If you nurture an adventurous streak in your lifestyle, Hyundai Mobis’ aptly-named Adventure body kit is the perfect addition to your new Creta. It adds an element of purpose to the Creta’s butch styling, making your SUV look equally at home in a parking lot or a lakeside camping spot. The accessories in the Creta Adventure body kit are doused in grey, a colour long associated with a no-nonsense sense of toughness and rigidity.

Accessories offered as part of the Creta Adventure body kit include:

Chrome Garnish

In true-blue SUV style, the Adventure body kit highlights the Creta’s fog lamps and rear reflectors with chrome garnish. Made up of high-density rust-proof chrome, the garnish complements the Creta’s chrome-laden front grille and overall muscular stance.

Front & Rear Skid Plates

These silver-finished skid plates are worth their weight in gold when you take your new Creta over uncharted and unlevelled territory. Protecting the front and rear bumpers from damage caused by road undulations, these stylish skid plates give you the perfect excuse to test your Creta’s off-road prowess.

Door Cladding

But venturing off-road can also extract a heavy price on your Creta’s doors by inflicting scratches, dirt, and dents. The black protective door cladding comes to the rescue here as it not only prevents minor damages but also adds to the Creta’s off-road cred. It proves useful when you’re back in the urban jungle too, protecting your Creta from door dings and scratches caused by other cars.

Side Step

Boasting a silver finish, the side step burnishes the Creta’s SUV credentials some more by complementing the flared wheel arches and the overall butch vibe. It also serves a functional purpose by making ingress and egress into the Creta easier, especially for the kids and the elderly in your family.

Performance Kit for all New Hyundai Creta

Despite being an SUV, the Hyundai Creta is a delight to drive in urban spaces. Hyundai Mobis’ Performance body kit for the Creta builds upon this urban-friendliness and adds dollops of raciness to the SUV. Similarly, the red-coloured accessories in the kit are not incidental as red is synonymous with fiery and sporty performance. With the Performance body kit strapped on, your new Hyundai Creta becomes a cynosure for hot hatch and SUV owners.

Accessories offered as part of the Creta Performance body kit include:

ORVM Garnish

It’s the small things that make the biggest impact. Nothing illustrates this better than the ORVM red garnish accessory for the new Hyundai Creta. The contrast created by the streak of bright red against the Creta’s different body color options adds an element of sportiness to the SUV. What’s more, it also makes your Creta distinct and instantly recognizable from afar.

Front & Rear Skid Plates

Agile performance and a low-slung stance usually go hand in hand. The Creta already had the performance and with these skid plates, it gets that signature low-slung look associated with performance hatches and sedans. And as with the ORVMs, these skid plates are finished in red and perform the added function of protecting your Creta’s bumpers.

Side Step

The final element in the Creta’s Performance body kit, this side step is similar to the one offered as part of the Creta’s Adventure body kit. However, while the latter sports a silver finish, this one gets a racier red finish in keeping with the kit’s performance focus. Here too, the side step helps people climb in and out of your Creta without much of an effort.

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